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Stop Farmer Suicides: Candle Light Vigil as a reaction

Urbanites are individualists, who are complacent with their lives, engrossed in its sophistication. The widely accepted fact that they don’t and wouldn’t bother about the other sections of the society is almost true. But, when there is at least one … Continue reading

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Can we go on to eat the hands that feed us!

Eating the hands that feed us!What a profound statement. It was made by one of my fellow activists, during the discussions about the issue of relentless farmer suicides in India. The issue about lakhs of farmers committing suicide in India … Continue reading

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People [Live]

Off late, if you have been reading my posts, there has been a lot of open criticism and cynicism about the News and Media houses, for all the hampering they are rendering to the opinions of people and running of … Continue reading

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