Stop Farmer Suicides: Candle Light Vigil as a reaction

Urbanites are individualists, who are complacent with their lives, engrossed in its sophistication. The widely accepted fact that they don’t and wouldn’t bother about the other sections of the society is almost true. But, when there is at least one genuine event, where you find around two hundred urbanites, varying from IT employees, students, researchers and academicians come out and take a stand for the cause of a totally different sector of people – The farmers and their troubles, I tell myself that the situation is not hopeless, and there is still a speck of hope.

The rally with slogans and placards

This point was manifested in today’s Candle Light Vigil in Bangalore, which was organized by ITEC, AID India, Sugathi and a few other socially sensible groups, voicing on behalf of farmers, bringing up the issues of farmer and the anti-farmer policies endorsed by the Central and State Govt.

Inequality at its zenith!

 As Senthil, one of the main organizers of this event rightly put, this was still only  a ‘reaction’ to the recent suicides of the sericulture couple in a village near Malavalli. With this reaction as the start off point, it should culminate to become a People’s Movement, where the supposedly “intellectual elite- the urbanites’, take up the issues of other weaker sections of the society, work together with them and that would be the best fitting response to the peril of crisis in agriculture.

A whole gamut of the urban intellectual elite, for farmers

While the main objective of today’s event was to project this issue in the bigger arena, for the media to capture, this is still a humble start. This objective was accomplished to a good extent, with the rally, sloganing, street play and the Candle Light Vigil giving the media some cud to chew upon, centered around the sensitive issue of relentlessly increasing farmer suicides in India.

The rally with slogans and march started off from Mysore Bank Circle to Town Hall ( about 1 km). The march was peaceful, with slogans and pamphlet distribution, grabbing the attention of the commuters. Once we were at the assembly point for today’s event at the Town Hall, the display of all the profound slogans and facts on each of the placards made a strong statement as a whole.

An impact filled street play, accentuating the inequality and apathy shown to the weaker sections

After today’s event one friend aptly said,
“Despite all the joys & happiness, it is often suffering that truly binds us and a means to draw inspiration & survival….”
We did see a lot of us show deep solidarity, bound by the concern towards Agriculture crisis in India.

To hear the details of the mishap from the father of the deceased was heart wrenching. His only request was to take care of his grand children, who are now orphaned without both their parents. He also mentioned the obvious flaws in the Govt Policies, which directly hamper the interests of the farmers.

With all the groups mentioning their various, but conforming views about the agriculture crisis, increasing farmer suicides and the apathy of the Govt, the next steps are being contemplated. As a first step, a visit to some of the affected villages to assess and understand the ground reality by a dedicated delegation will be happening over the second weekend of April.This will be crucial to come up with a framework, which will be able to lend our support in a more systematic manner to the farmers in need.

The Candle light vigil with apt songs

If any of you are interested to be part of this delegation, please write to one of us.

Let us remember that nothing is unchangeable; Most of the times change takes time. With our persistence and efforts we will leave behind a better future for the generations to come. We have had a start now, taking it forward with all our support and participation will take us closer to the goal.

Painting by Balaji Kutty, depicting the increasing suicides of farmers

Farmer suicides is Government sponsored murder!!!

United to Stop Farmer Sucides

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5 Responses to Stop Farmer Suicides: Candle Light Vigil as a reaction

  1. Good. Please forward your email address and I will send you the draft National Sustainable Development Plan of the Green Party of India. Meeting planned in May in Ooty or Bangalore. Please give your comments on the economic policies of the Green Party of India which include border controls, currency reform, spending not lending by governments, and land policy enforcement. As cities are inherently unsustainable rural land policy needs to make rural living more attractive in the long run even for techies.

  2. jiji says:

    Its a general thought that,the IT employees were an elite group/an upper crest and those were not concern about common people life,up to an extend it was true,that feeling was their in the mind of those people.or they present themselves like that as part of their show-off /yo-yo life style.they think either talking about poor or involving with the common people issue were not our job,we are all above this…here its a great effort and a revolutionary move to break all these barriers and shows we all are equal,and its too our duty to protect those ordinary peoples interest.This Candle Light Vigil was simply be a good work.keep it up guys,it could definitely open the eyes of concerned authorities.and our wishes will come true one day…

  3. Aravinda says:

    Very inspiring action in Bangalore. May it spread and gain momentum. We need to work for policies that support the farmer, protect the land and give priority to food and livelihood security.

  4. Ruth says:

    Very inspiring! So glad to see so many urban consumers involved. Hope we can have something similiar in Mumbai.

  5. web30blogs says:

    ya its good & its fact of that that support the farmer, protect the land and give priority to food and livelihood security.

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