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One month, away from…..

As the post title suggests, it’s been a month away from many things – home, and for the first time away from India. Also my first full month in a foreign country. So, what has changed in a month? Many. … Continue reading

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Challenging Yourself, the Swedish Way

So, here is my long pending post, mostly informative about the process and not about my personal motivations that have brought me this far in the journey to Sweden. Jotting this down, as at least some of you have been … Continue reading

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Why I chose to be a teacher :)

It’s been two years, and now at the end of this tenure of my teaching I am trying to answer the various questions that never mellowed down, till even today, as to “Why I  chose to be a teacher!”. The … Continue reading

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The idea of dirt

“Dirt is a thing people make too much fuss about”, writes George Orwell in his book Homage to Catalonia. He says this in the context of war, and moves on, while I immediately am thinking of the profoundity of that … Continue reading

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Life is, but the chronicle of struggles

One of those rare evenings, when I have the evening to myself and I decide to use it to complete an impending task. Dust off my cycle, hop on and alternately glide and peddle for the next five kilometers,meet a … Continue reading

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