No expertise, whatsoever

Standing where I am, I can feel the ground beneath my feet move – not just drift slowly, but slip away quickly. There are so many transformations that are underway – not just in my personal ambit, but also the global social and political climate, which in a contrived manner are also tied with my agenda that lies ahead.

I am bracing for the new changes that I will plunge into. While I do that, I do not want to have lost a dear portion of me, who has kept me going, and great for the last few years of my uphill climb – writing. I am full with newer ideas, thoughtful debates and exhilarating experiences to share – I will do all of it, now more consistently. A personal promise made public.

While writing has considerably become sparse, reading and learning on the other hand has grown tremendously, at least in my own relative sense. Particularly, the last couple of months have revealed deeper questions I now want to pursue : particularly in my work, and in general my living. If not anything, the last few months have only made me humbler, it has shown me how silly my claims of cognisance, even in one or two domains have been. The single most important understanding I have come to is, there is no expertise as such – only the process of getting better.

While I try to get better, and in the process discourse it on my blog here, more frequently.


About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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