Gold standard for emotions…

Television advertisements are the best indicators of which direction the brainless society is heading towards. Like these days, of course it is well known and widely accepted that commodities come first, and people next in the globalised economy we live in today.

What brand one wears would be more important than what the person is. Worthless people trying to find worth in supposedly worthy commodities.
At this junction, a related anecdote as related to Tamil poet Bharathi comes to my mind.

Bharathi is to attend a wedding, and he is in his dhoti and a towel – untidy, unshaven (reckless man he was) tries to enter the marriage hall, and the guards do not allow him, thinking him to be a tramp. Then, he heads back home gets dressed in his best attire and is allowed in with the highest salutations. He is then served food, and the maverick takes the food and starts feeding it to his clothes! When asked he says, “It was not I who earned this food, my clothes, so I can’t eat it”, or something on these lines.

Even now we are all this stupid, and I can’t only blame the economy and the ruthless marketing campaigns.

Coming back to the time today – the most ridiculous of the adverts are the jewellery ads plaguing television off late.

I am well acquainted with television ads on south Indian TV channels, and I can conveniently extrapolate these claims all across the country, for , we are the same.

Gold jewellery for long, as long as I remember have been associated with the emotion of love. That by itself was stupid, for, the only symbolic gesture of gold and love was preciousness. Now, if the partner is precious, why adorn her with less precious jewels, making the net preciousness lesser, or some sort of animosity I already have.

The recent months, as I have observed, the value of gold is being associated to every kind of human value! A school master and his student (trust they claim here). “Daughters are worth it ” says another caption, where jewels for teenage girls are being showcased, and the most atrocious is even the bond between mother and son is being portrayed of value on the lines of gold.

The gold standard for emotions is one of the most flawed identifications of human bonds. A blunt statement equalising these beautiful emotions to an over priced metal chunk – This is the most gullible thing that we have allowed to happen to us.

Beauty, love, success, affection, trust, music and the whole treasure of human values are being undermined by equating them to products of the silliest nature. I am not worried about the ads at all! The unfortunate impact it is having in the social fabric is what I am concerned about.
These ads work!

The distorted sense of values that runs through our consciousness like the plague that haunted the old times back then cannot even be eradicated by a vaccination.

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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