Happily busy :o

I begin to write this post without any agenda to discuss- maybe that is the agenda, to not have one.

As I write now, on this lazy afternoon with mountainous tasks ahead for rest of the day, I am only looking forward to the intensity of work that is going to drive me to the verge of exhaustion. That exhaustion is not something I am complaining about, it is a feeling of optimum utilisation of myself. Exhaustion in pursuit of gratification is a feeling rarely one gets to experience. It implies the work I am to do, and have been doing utilise my skills and me as a resource to the fullest.

Being busy, or rather ‘happily busy’ as one like minded friend calls it is a gift seldom people bestow upon themselves. The problem,  if one wants to pick out of being happily busy is that some people, from our personal space get eclipsed for sometime, and if these people don’t understand it- we are out for a bitter ride. It becomes a trouble that can disturb the delicate balance of being happily busy, and can lead one into a traumatic phase (oh yes, been through and recovering).

In times such as these is where the momentum of one’s work eclipsing the personal space happens so often, to a lost mind like me. And here is where the aspect of balancing one’s priorities surface up. And I learn slow!

Started aimlessly, now have brought this writing into the context of a public apology-
If I haven’t been avaialble to the many of you, as you would expect me to, it is because I was and still am hopelessly lost in work that keeps me happy and nothing else. So, forgive my absence 🙂

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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