500 posts, and going strong :)

My blog is 1410 days old and it seems I have attained a feat of publishing 500 posts in Silence before the storm.

Commemorating this is a precious personal joy to me.

My blog is a whole bundle of precious memories, small accomplishments and life turning experience to me. Time and emotions immortalised using the words, is what it is more than any other feat.

Ideas-are-immoral, has become part of my identity as I have mentioned in my previous posts and it has also gone on to define a certain portion of me in the image of what I have aspired to be, using my words. I have grown to have an attachment to my blog and I would feel less than what I am, if for not the blog. This attachment is the subject I deal with in this 500th post.

While I am writing any post, there is no attachment as such associated with the post – only a driving emotion. I am never conscious of the post itself that I am creating – it is just a leaky container to hold the spilling thoughts from my head.

Even after publishing it and I have reviewed it , there seems to be no connection with the post except for a few special posts – which because I decide to make them special.

But, each and every post, with time attain a state where they are all close to me.For, in retrospection, every post contains the key to the unlock the safe of memories now, then emotions which drove me to write.

Reading old posts of mine, is an exercise I engage in to see the life that I have already lived with its crests and troughs. While it might not be something I must be bragging about, it does make me feel good to get back to a me from the bygone days.

These 1410 days, me and my writing have never stayed disconnected. With people coming and going, friends being made and let go, writing is the one thing to me that has kept me together – now it to a great extent defines me and I am hoping to expand and put myself in a more serious commitment with my writing.

Of course, this vanity you see in me about my writing is not entirely narcissism in me – you all have encouraged me and made me feel that I do.
With a deep sense of gratitude to all your generous words and pats on my back, I assure you all that you can expect more and better from me.

All said and done, it is not about words: Ideas are immortal!

First avatar of my blog 🙂

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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