All that’s you

The shuddering me, into the shivering you
The warmth of me, eased in the coldness of you;
The heaviness of me, floating with the lightness of you
The harshness in me, made aware by the tenderness in you;
The smell on me, acquired from the fragrance in you
The taste in me, that remained from the sweetness of you
The echoes in me, resounding the symphony that’s you
The vistas in me, filled by the beauty left saturated by you;
The dreams in me, flowing from the want of you
The desires in me, seeping from the obsession of you;
The lows in me, sliding atop the highs in you
The strength in me, complementing the voids in you
The weakness in me, filled with the life in you;
The words in me, made real by the inspiration that’s you
The urge in me, to stay submerged in you,
The madness in me, blaming the reason that’s you;
The plunder in me, by the richness in you
The man in me, worshiping the goddess that’s you
The life in me, that’s more a part of you,
There’s nothing left in me, all but without you.

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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