Moving pictures, flowing words

The metamorphosis of our observations into thoughts, and thoughts into words is an exercise the subconscious mind performs with so much ease, and contemplation of the same by the conscious mind seems so cumbersome.

A 20-30 seconds world watching out of a bus I was traveling in was so rich that I’m afraid I will have to use few hundreds words.

A lady with bandage supporting her still arm alights the bus, while I remembered before a few days getting news of a lady bumping into a pothole and having fallen of her scooter – and because she got down in front of a hospital another link is made – maybe for a routine dressing procedure
The bus moves on, and I read the banner “Terrace Lake” in an under construction place, and having seen few pictures of a tank on the terrace with transparent sidings I correlated the two to be the same and was finding it ludicrous to have a lake on top of a high rise building to stare into more of concrete – where are we heading towards?

Next I see three girls sitting alongside Uncle Donald or whatever that clown from the silly food chain, and remembered a naughty joke that I had read on a friend’s picture.

This scene leads me next into a more morose of a place – a crematorium and I glance at the picture of an obituary poster of a lady in her wedding attire, probably;  irony I thought and was already having a small hint of sympathy to the girl and her spouse. Also a running thought of people using younger picture of a person to immortalise them in photo with garlands, than their latest – was it the same with this lady? Maybe not. Then it hit me, my grandfather’s picture at home wasn’t his oldest  but when he was quite young, although he died in his sixties!

Then the scene shifts to a big sewer with soapy froth and the regular inquisition as to who is dispensing those ‘chemicals’ even today remained unanswered.

Cross that and I see a coconut tree trunk, chopped and drying – by the end of that scene I was already contemplating this post!

Quite brilliant for the 30 seconds in which I must have traversed a total distance of less than 50 metres!

Wow! Isn’t it mind boggling to imagine how many words it would take to articulate all our thoughts?

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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