Giving and receiving in small packets

Even before I can delve into elaborating the post, I find it necessary to clarify the caption itself. I am trying to look at the so called ‘small’ means of making and being happy. Well, if something makes us happy it is never small! So, just to resonate with the conceived notion I am using the same parlance.

What makes us happy can never be small or at no cost must be trivialised.

Seeking joy in the simplest of the acts, gestures, things, words is the way of life. Although we are designed to live on these lines when younger the chaos of the society drowns these simple joys by the time we have grown up.

I find it disheartening to see the demands I put forth now on myself to be happy; they are fewer and rarer – it does leave me less happy in that sense!
Taking a ride into my own fanciful observations from childhood :

Looking at water sprout from ground, or the pattern of it leak from the taps.
Sparrows at the threshold pecking grains,and their flutter when disturbed.
Awe at the working of a TV, to the noise in a radio.
Warmth in the palm, to the dirt in the nails.
Whistle of air with the palm around the ear, to the roar of thunder.

Each one of us would have plenty of these anecdotes to quote from childhood. Although we might know these exist still, that awe and the joy we could still derive are missing.

Not just about childhood, as we grow up and find newer means of pleasure and joy, we slowly start growing numb towards them, seeking newer extravagant means ignoring the simpler ones, which even before a while would have made us ecstatic.

The first few hesitant touches, to the every utterance of name.
The profundity of words, to the grandeur of poetry.
Revelation of science, to the excitement of experiments.
The puzzling math, to the obscurity of a new idea.

Is it because of the lessening intrigue, or do we take things for granted? Whatever the reason might be, the consequences are depressing! Simple joys of life, which seem as if they come in small packets must always be treasured and generously bestowed upon others too.

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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