Out of words :)

I normally am verbose; many other times bear the baton of pleonasm, and it seems like an almost impossibility to my observing entourage to find me struggle, and/or be out of words in trying to convey what I am to convey.

While in a recent discourse it is being claimed that I was found ‘out of words’ and here is my justification (hope it does not turn into a confession).

It wasn’t that I had run out of words –  but merely trying to address a realm that I have never been before. When riding new terrains, being cautious with a tinge of reservation is a natural response to anyone normal – and I am natural and normal.

So, in the discourse with a dear friend about a recent, crucial development in my monotonous life, I was unprepared and had not given thought to what I was supposed to say, and hence was caught off guard.
Now, anything we haven’t thought through and are not risking to do an adhoc leak for ‘security concerns’ would show us being hesitant and reluctant, and in either case this demeanor can be construed as to one being ‘out of words’.
In my case, the vichyssoise of verbiage veered least verbose (hi-five if you know from where I got that last line)- and, a conclusion about me of having gone out of words was quite natural.

Now, I being the mild megalomaniac might not directly confess that I might have been really dumbfounded when having to face the situation where I had to see, contemplate and formulate opinions in new light, about growing bright prospects and glaring future – I must have been a little slow in expressing, for, heavy thinking was going on – I assure you.

When every hope of my dream is turning into an unbelievable reality, and when there’s more hope swelling to see the rest of it culminate on the same lines, letting go my verboseness for sometime might be the right symptom is one other justification, if you weren’t convinced of me not having gone ‘out of words’ 😛

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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