Satyameva Jayate, and the saga of moronicity

Aamir Khan is the most concerned and committed of the lot of flamboyant movie stars India has seen. He’s so much so concerned that his own production house, for the first time has taken up an initiative (in its own small way) to cleanse India and enlighten the slumbering sacks that we Indians have become.

The effort that is going in to make each of these documentary style, thirteen episodes is immense. Each episode has a production cost of a meager 4 crore rupees, wherein most of it is going to the man bearing the burden of India, this time Mr. Aamir Khan. He will be charging himself (because he’s producing the show), a humble three crore rupees per episode, and even with this humble figure he surpasses any TV host fee in India. That’s India shining for the dumb morons that we are.

It is also interesting to note the nature of the program. Aamir Khan will take up issues that have been haunting India, and have shackled our country in darkness for the last 65 years now.  Isn’t it wonderful to have a concerned movie star, come right into the Mahabharata slot on Sunday mornings (11 AM, and not 8PM mind you), and throw light upon all that is happening, just outside most of our corners and gullies, all across our country?
Our apathy is what has made Aamir Khan to team up with 22 TV channels to air this program (amidst ads costing 10 lakhs for 10 seconds for the product companies), to teach us our vices. We still don’t learn.

Satyameva Jayate, that translates to Truth Alone Triumphs is one of the most profound ideologies that India is based upon. While we have tread this path wrongly for all these years, and have made the system analogous to everything but truth, we deserve to get another ironic lesson. Now, the program Satyameva Jayate (I hope our youth will now at least remember the slogan, thanks to Aamir Khan)  will increase awareness and emancipate India from the clutches of various perils (only thirteen important ones for now – we can have a season two) in the grandest TV documentary show ever on Indian TV.

I only hope that along with the leadership and initiative Aamir Khan has taken up this time, we will be able to make India better. Let us all dedicate our Sunday mornings for the next twelve weeks (we already missed one) to heal the world.

Letting go the sarcasm

Well, I would have rather continued this post more sarcastically, but unfortunately my writing seems so earnest that some of my beloved readers endorse the contradicting view. Staying cautious, let me vent out the real anger too.

I totally understand the concern Aamir Khan or whoever had come up with this idea. If this were anything close to what it is being projected to be, I cannot for the faintest reasons fathom as to why does Mr. Khan have to charge so exorbitantly, and in turn show ads to recover the cost.

If you are genuinely concerned – shed your hypocrisy, get out and make a true documentary without charging a penny. I might forgive the other dormant celebrities, for they haven’t been this delinquent to feed on the misery we are faced with and make the best darn TV show!
What sensibilities?

And what stupids are we to even think that they are here showing concern! Where do most of us leave our critical faculties! The idiot box still is fully capable of making finest qualities of idiots of us.

I can only be harsher and say


PS: Source of the fee claims I have made

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8 Responses to Satyameva Jayate, and the saga of moronicity

  1. Baddi says:

    Well written. We don’t need celebrities to tell what we ought to do and what we ought not do.
    And The issues are discussed as if they are Bad Saas – Good Bahu, bad doctors vs Good journalists stories. Needless to say the conviction of Aamir Khan is not good enough to attack the roots of the issue, because the conviction is only to grab eye-balls

  2. Charles Bronson says:

    Well vented anger. But you must remember that to show something to everyone you need someone (TV Channels) and TV Channels don’t want to give the 11 AM time slot to show some documentary which no one would see except the more critical thinkers like you. To show the wake up call for Indians it has to be sold. That is the reason why so many are talking today about the show today and you have an opportunity to vent your anger against the show. There is always Good in everything. Why the hell did you write a blog about Aamir Khan’s Satymave Jayathe than writing about some social problems that’s haunting us everyday. You just want attention as everyone does, but he does it with purpose.

    • Raghavendra S says:

      “TV Channels don’t want to give the 11 AM time slot to show some documentary which no one would see”: Who said no one would see. The irony is that we are all,ready to see these and celebrate the motive.
      I have not critiqued that the program shouldn’t be aired – the way in which, again how it is being projected is what is of concern, What is it that they’re culminating these episodes with by joining the nexus of another corporate giant, who firstly gives no damn about people or their problems.
      And I write about the issues haunting us, and this is one such and I have responded. Step outside the shoes of the fanaticism you might have towards Aamir Khan and look at it with sense.

  3. Radhakrishna says:

    If this show is not aired at all, there will be an another show in that place. Can any one give me 5 good shows on TV, which are really necessary for the audience and have good enough TRP rating ?

    We are Indians, we don’t really worry about the happenings around us, we only worry about the people attached to those happenings. The things don’t need to be serious, we need the glamor or the celebrity status that makes the thing serious or interesting.

    Anna hazare fast could not gather as many people as the world cup gathered.
    India gave 200 million to Bangladesh 2 days back for their development, are we really in that stature to help development in other countries ?
    What about all the scams in the govt?
    Did any one write an article on this or people really interested in knowing all these facts to question anyone responsible?

    So, I guess instead of Indian Idol, Kaun banega crorepathi, Big boss, Roadies this so called show satyameva jayate is a good one. Who cares about the money, we have so much to loose.

    • Raghavendra S says:

      I agree that this might seem better than other nonsense aired, but my whole disgruntle is about the motive behind this show! I am not okay if someone mints money showing us what we already ought to know! I despise people who would mint money feeding on others miseries!

  4. asile says:

    and he stole the damn title song from Euphoria apparently lol

  5. Ramnath Shenoy says:

    Forget the name of the host and concentrate on the issues he is showcasing. If a person is able to show 13 major problems India is facing today in one of the best possible ways (you have to give credit to him for marketing the show the way he has and getting ‘fun’ loving youth to watch it) and still able to make money through it. Aamir has been very clear that he is not going to solve the problems he is showcasing. Now Aamir can prove to be a real hero by contributing the money earned to solve these issues, if not others. Let him give back to the society by contributing to the change he intends to see. The show will be complete in all respects then.

  6. Sainath Munavalli says:

    It is difficult to sell anything unless it benefits the the buyer and seller,and off course truth is of no value these days.Agreed that this show is not made free of cost or it is not a non-profit organisation also.But, it is not necessary for it to be free.I agree with Radhakrishana that if not this show, then there will be some other show that will mint money.The TV industry, or the Aamir khan productions and all the people involved do need money to put up something on the screen weather it makes us realize or it does not.It may also be a money making show+being hero recognition for aamir khan, but what matters is that, is it even igniting a spark, if this episode cud change one family mind and save one family to stop the bad act, then i guess hats off to it.Even if you have a cause you need money to bring it to people, it might depend on what scale are you bringing it.Frankly I am not a Aamir khan fan but i like the fact that show was realistic and well organised- started with examples, some background work then its effects on the society, fact sheet representing the effects ,some people in the crime and then ending with a solution which is an effort to eradicate this problem.
    Also, I agree that he is just showing us the problems within our society which we are aware of, but if you have seen the statistics that were shown in the show, how many of us ‘educated’ are aware of society problems and still be a part of it?
    how much money we spend on watching neverending IPL matches?how much money the celebrities make out of them?so if anyone makes some money in return of rising some hope to resolve ( may be not resolve but atleast give people a hint that we are doing wrong!!) then i guess its worth it.

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