Lessons from Animal Farm?

Criticism at any level is a little hard to take. And it isn’t easy to be magnanimous enough, wholly, and absorb criticism and improve upon. Most of the criticism is bitter and all the people who have pretended to have been inert or to have absorbed criticism for constructive purposes are either hypocrites or rarities 😛

Animal Farm is one of the best short stories I have read. For the hundred pages it houses, to be such a riveting read is unbelievable. George Orwell’s second book after 1984, I read is Animal Farm and there is no exaggeration in whatever praises I’ve heard for him – he’s a genius.

An allegory at its best

Animal Farm – an allegory it is, and what an allegory it is. Irony at every nook and corner, every word has a dual tone and an analogous world keeps running in the minds of the readers.

Animal Farm criticises the Leftist movements of the 1940’s and their off track tendencies. My understanding of the Left movements in the current world and my own amateur contentions seem to synchronise with some of the ideas that get thrashing by Orwell in his ‘simple’ piece.

I look at this work as nothing more than a positive criticism and if these were directed at me as a person, I would stop and introspect to see if these were true or not (or maybe I wouldn’t if I am not as magnanimous as I expect myself to be)

Nonetheless, reading Orwell and with my own limited experiences, there is a severe and urgent requirement for the Leftist forces to re-engage in their approach of tackling the crisis the world is facing. I am a novice with not much of experience or even comprehension of the issues at hand, but I can sense the need for a renaissance.

Ideas are immortal, but the expression of ideas have to evolve.

Coming back to the book, the literary genius of Orwell lies in the simple fact that he is able to convey a mammoth amount of critique with a simple story and an easy writing style.

While this post might put me in various debates, I will stand by the expression I have made here 🙂


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  1. Sage Nesbit says:

    I absolutely hate this book

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