Will miss you Rasinesh

Sweet words and a soft voice, good nature and calm demeanor, witty words and geeky acts, meticulous planner and passionate efforts: Not because we have to eulogize you each one of us is reminiscing you on these lines, even otherwise when you were with us these were your attributes which we would ‘gossip’ about you.

It still hasn’t sunk in, or would never sink that you will no longer be here with us.

Rasinesh, we will miss you – this untimely demise of yours has left all of us in a wave of skepticism and for sure it still hasn’t fathomed.

I remember our first interactions, way back in 2008 when I was still a student studying in BMSIT. You were to do a hands on session on Drupal and I pestered you with hundreds of mails to get the LAMP stack running on those computers. I did never notice a hint of hesitation from you in hand holding the novice that I was. The first discussions we had, elaborating on the role of IT in today’s society and the essence of Free Software in this change have engraved into me and I then looked up to as a teacher.

When we got onto the same platform and we started working for FSMK, soon I realised you were better as a friend and a teammate. Our discussions about the FSMK website, your ideas for it as on today stand incomplete – we will bring life to those. I also realised that you were one of the Swecha trained activists, and you had played a pivotal role in the formation of Free Software Movement Karnataka.

Our discussions of mild politics, and literature, internet issues and technicalities of FSMK have enriched me and will find no one else to fill that lacuna now, I apprehend.

The one thing that I personally was deeply comfortable discussing with you was, no matter how trivial I needn’t have found it to be trivial and could go on and ask you about it, and you would with the same earnest sincerity and the sweet words help me out.

A silly anecdote I seem to remember is when I was discussing with you my article on Angry Birds,and my confession that I had never played it, you LOL-ed out and instructed me with the rules of it and taught me tricks to play well, giving the background of the game and the technicalities.

I am saddened for sure, but I keep telling myself that is not what I should feel about you – I will perpetuate all the lessons learnt from you, tell your inspiring story to younger enthusiasts and live with your fond memories.

All said and done,

Dear Rasinesh,

The vacuum you leave behind is irreplaceable.


About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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2 Responses to Will miss you Rasinesh

  1. BINU KESAVAN says:


  2. Abhishek says:

    I will miss you badly Rasi… the days that i spent with you in Bangalore are memorable , R.I.P Rasi

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