My little bird, one that stands out in the herd;
Tender toy, my personified joy;
Colour pot, and everything else that I forgot;
Slippery fish, my enticing maach dish;

Flowing river, these days my first and foremost endeavor;
Serene ocean, also that youthful fantasy potion.
Silent hum, at times the melancholic hymn,
Whispering damsel, I’ve already called your ears – seashell.

Warmth of my dawn, bliss of the dusking sun,
Darkness of night, that tinge eluding at twilight.
Sometimes heat of midday sun, next moment
you are that most gentle breeze.

Taste of water, when I’m thirsty;
First morsel of food when I’m hungry,
Can’t relent that you cause me my migraine,
Can’t complain, for, you are also my Novocaine.

Snippets of poetry in my scribbling pad,
Ideas unleashed in my blue note pad.
Complemented gray matter of mine,
With surplus in you that could fill other nine.

Inspire my reality, instigating each and every dream;
Oneiric oviyam, colouring my world with your neelam.
Won’t believe me, you are a precious girl,
Will defy you, see how I treasure this pearl.

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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