Dil Dilli!

People, places and prejudice make for a real good combination. While I am never deeply influenced by prejudices of people, places do influence me real deeply.

I transcended beyond the Vindhyas technically for the first time (not sure if Pune is beyond Vindhyas and I haven’t bothered to wiki it!) to Delhi. I like it as Delhi, more so as Dilli and not as New Delhi! And I fell in love with the city, well against the prejudices I was conditioned to by many of my peers.

Although I stayed for a short while, I did get a good feel of the city and people. If it were a litmus test, then the city did farewell.

The weather according to the natives was one of the few days in the year when it is impeccably pleasant, and I did relish the cold nights and warm days for the two days of my stay.

I still think that the city is more organised after having lived in Bangalore, although the traffic sense of people on the road only gets worse as one moves away from Bangalore.

Bird’s eye!

I did not expect a city that would be different from rest of the country, and aptly I did enter a couple of local markets with peddlers and mongers all across the street marketing their goods. And that is where we are all bound together! From KR Market to Mehruli market, India is deeply connected by its roots, namely the working class people.

Bangalore has its own Metro now, which I dub as the toy-train-joy-ride for now, I rode on the Delhi Metro service and was glad to have done that. Will now look forward to the Bangalore rendition.

Further, apart from my visit to Qutub Minar which I have been flaunting around in the social networks, I did ride along the city to get glimpses of few other interesting places (JNU, IIT)

The breathtaking Qutub Minar, the intriguing Iron Pillar and the rest of the complex was nostalgic. Pages from school History text books flashed in my mind to be at these legendary monuments. Next time, will visit more interesting places, for Delhi has them in abundance.

And not to forget, ever since I landed in Delhi the title track from Delhi6 by AR Rahman was resounding in my head! 😀

Looking forward to my subsequent visits to Delhi, and I hope this warmth grows.

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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