Irrational rationals!

My proclaimed professing of ‘rationalism’ and as if in a way derogating people who piously endorse religion and / or similar superstitions have by now gained me a reputation that is at the verge of hostility.

I never intend to be very abrupt in my conclusions; my nicest demeanor of this perception is what I have been exhibiting.

While this post ain’t about the classified non-rationals, but about people like myself!
I take myself as an example for, there are a lot many of you who are within the ambit of this post.

I like to think that I am a ‘rational’, quite often than seldom I am on the other end of the scale stuck in the silliest of convulsions. And this perception is not hypocrisy but an earnest delusion.

Rationality is not merely about ratifying acts of nature and being gratified in the accomplishments of the human mind. Rationalism also, and more importantly involves responding sensibly to the circumstances we are faced with. And it so happens that I am incessantly climbing up the ladders to reach the top and become the dumbest rational one might ever encounter.

Letting oneself to be entangled in the web of trivialities, and running blindfolded in the labyrinths of ’emotions’ must firstly be handled more sensibly, where sensible refers to all the senses being enabled, including common sense! On the contrary, while I am sitting here, contemplating and jotting these ideas elegantly all of this cognisance arrives post another era of fiascoes!

While in the soup, a fly is still a fly, but dead!
And I am no different,but only brain dead.

Admonishing myself, yet again, I promise myself not to digress from my professing.

While procrastination of crises helps – temporarily, deciphering the myths behind yields eternal sanity!

So, my dear aspiring rationals, think beyond the book and look beyond yourselves,
Let us also practice all that we preach and profess!

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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  1. Elitarny says:

    #up: Don’t sure if you’re right man.

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