Extremes of extremism

It wouldn’t be an understatement if claimed that the world is shaped in the cumulative process of debates on ideologies, and frictions of ideas happening incessantly. Ideas drive people – people driven by ideas move and shape the world, forever. Be it in art, science or polity, it is people and the ideas, that make an effective combination to alter the course of the future we would leave behind for the generations to come.
People passionate about their ideas and ideologies try various means and methods of propagating, and many a times tend to become obstinate and ostensible in this process of ‘proving their point’.
Any ideology which shuts itself from improvement and claims absolutism could be deemed to be at the verge of forcible renewal, if not for complete removal. This trend of endorsing extreme and rigid ideologies is what could be attributed as extremism.


Extremism although in today’s context confines itself to religious extremism and personal fanaticism, the notion of political extremism, which is more so ubiquitous is many a times conveniently forgotten.

Warning from 1984


My latest read was 1984 by George Orwell – one of the most powerful books I have read and it seemed to read out a warning, more apt today than when for the time when it was
written in the 1940s.

Slogan of the dytopians in the book 1984, close to our reality today

In the book, the author has effectively envisaged a negative utopia based on an extreme variant of socialism he apprehended during his times. It is a meticulously written book,  and imagines to the fullest details about a dystopia. Although, personally I initially found it to be exaggerated, the essence of it dawned upon me when I started correlating it with the current events.
The book when placed in today’s context fits in particularly well,for all of its nuances. Just that the ideology he dreads in the book then, today has been taken up more subtle, pretentious, yet superlatively devastating neo-liberalism riding on the big monopoly finance capital that today seems to run most of the world, apart from perpetrating ubiquitous havoc and glaring disparity.
The ruthlessness of today’s dystopia is that, there aren’t many who can even realize the atrocities being percolated, for,  it is insidious in its manners of operation. To be blunt, it seems more civilized while rendering a lot more rampage than the barbarous regimes that have blackened the history of human life hitherto!
The extreme nature of the profit driven world that we are so used to – where we have begun to believe that vice are virtue, is worrisome. Tackling this demonic plague is going to be an arduous task, for, the problem here is not the solution to the problem, the problem is the cognisance of the existence of the problem!

Extremism can be mellowed only by normalizing the factors which are causing these aberrations, and in most cases these anomaly causing factors are deep rooted and require nothing less than a renaissance-like revolution, when all the proles join and rise together as George Orwell hopes for in his book.

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2 Responses to Extremes of extremism

  1. Anupama says:

    From the title and first paragraph of this post, I thought that the rest of the content would discuss about two extremes on the lines of extremely good and extremely bad. The review seems to explain the post’s title in the context of two systems of governance which are perceived as opposing one another.
    All the best as you progress in your own domain

  2. Great blog post, really nice. It’s useful information for me. Thank you.

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