Oneiric Oviyam

A picture might be able to convey more than thousand words. But, a piece of art conveys more than a thousand pictures. It is more so satiating, deeply connecting and easily assimilating into oneself when the intent and the effort behind a piece of art is known.

While I might not want to flaunt the hollowness of my artistic admiration or the nascent aesthetics on those lines, I would still claim to be able to appreciate art.

When a piece of art makes one happy, swells positivity from within, grows aspirations and seeds hope, is it not a piece of art that is worth celebration?

This post is in commemoration of first of such a possession. I will indulge only in speaking of the artwork, and will compellingly refrain from indulging in my indulgence of the artist.

Sopnor Chobi / Dreams and art!

I dread times when I am on long sabbaticals of ‘no dreams’. And now, when I’m living my dreams and in pursuit of more of my dreams, an apt symbol of these transitions is this ornament to me.

Many a times, I imagine a movie of my life and I have only two nuances I think of when sinking into those imaginations – background music by AR Rahman and the whole panorama throughout is monochromatic and in blue hue! This oviyam (artwork) is a lucky chunk from my imagination brought into reality!

Dreams and art, are two worlds so unreal that even reality seems dissolved in them.

A token of confluence of these two worlds is now mine.



About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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