The Ten commandments for an Atheist (v 0.1.1)

I  Thou shall always tread the path of reason: Scrutinizing every step taken. 

II Thou shall seek truth in its entirety by scientific means, using the tools of questioning, reasoning and verification.

III Thou shall and must think freely ( free as in freedom); and question with no fears or apprehensions, whatsoever. 

IV Thou shall sustain the natural curiosity, by incessantly pursuing the quest to understand everything, scientifically. 

V Thou shall openly accept flaws, once proven; Then learn, correct and better oneself. 

VI Thou shall tackle the absurdities propelled by blind belief emanating from ignorance, in a passionate and dialectic manner, by perpetuating the cognizance of truth, substantiated by reason and evidence. 

VII Thou shall not impose one’s views, but shall put it forth in the most effective technique making imposition needless. 

VIII Thou shall grow and perpetuate the genetically inherent social morality of the Homo sapiens, arbitrated by our critical faculties. 

IX Thou shall naturally die; With no delusions of after life to be confused with, shall make the best out of  the lucky tenure of being a grand conscious part of the Universe. 

X Thou shall never follow, but can always improvise. 

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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7 Responses to The Ten commandments for an Atheist (v 0.1.1)

  1. These ten commandments must apply to everyone, Maverick, not just atheists. This article should be in the school text books :)Looking forward to the next version!

  2. @sri: These must be applied altogether as a framework, not selectively. For that to happen, a theist would find it implausible to justify the concept of a supernatural and other improbabilities on which the ideologies of theists are based. Would like to quote Richard Dawkins,"People still believe that religious faith and science can coexist, but it is not possible"And about this article in school text books: I would have wanted it myself when I was in school before they got me all confused:)

  3. G.Suvetha says:

    The Ten Commandments are quite impressive !!Love & smiles..

  4. Shishir.B.S says:

    Well, I am confused than ever before…!!!

  5. @shishir: Scrutinize, Think, give time and think again, scrutinize again…Finally, stick to your wherever your belief system leaves you.

  6. anupama says:

    And to develop one's own set of commandments based on what you have outlined and practice them

  7. @ mer: certainly.. It is the same thing the 10th commandment hints at šŸ™‚

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