Memory Loss…

I was contemplating some compelling post for today, while I was walking into my room. By the time I could get life running into my laptop, it was, Phufffff and gone!

Not once or twice, and not just about a blog post idea; numerous times, I’ve had to struggle to retrieve many small things from memory. It might be common with people to forget things. But, those of you who know me closely, would also know my syndrome of forgetfulness, when it comes to names, numbers and most trivial of the details like, my keys, books and, off late helmet ! But, nothing can beat my lack of remembrance of voices ! I’ve almost never recognized a voice accurately, even when a well known person is calling from a new number.

These amnesic syndromes seem to accentuate, with the increased consciousness I put towards it. And this doesn’t seem to help me little.

The worst ramification of this syndrome, personally is, when I’m not able to recollect a word for a situation, or when I’m not able to relate to some content I would have piously professed either in my blog / while in conversation!

Although, it is said that a bad memory and a happy attitude keeps you blissful, I don’t seem to enjoy that privilege, for, I never forget certain things. Certain incidents are afresh, even after many years. I can even remember the quality of the ambiance, with the aroma in the air!

It is fun to forget things (sometimes even people:)
Hope I don’t get into some irrecoverable trouble because of this selective amnesia 😉

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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2 Responses to Memory Loss…

  1. What I do when I'm talking to a person and don't remember his/her name :ask how the person spells her name so that I could add her contact number to my phone;ask for his/her e-mail ID, hoping the ID would contain at least a part of the person's name 😀

  2. Ha ha.. Good suggestion… Will try it out sometime soon 😉

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