Enjoy Enthiran :D

I still cherish the first music album I purchased for myself : That was Shankar’s Boys in 2003… And needless to say what a rage that music had become then, and still is one of the best albums by A R Rahman with Shankar.

Now, here comes, the latest project of Shankar : Enthiran-The Robot, with Rajnikanth and Aishwarya Rai, something unprecedentedly extravagant and massive in Indian Cinema.

And A R Rahman delivers what could be called his best “Commercial Album” in Enthiran. It has amazing quality to it with lots of technical sound, powerful beats and superb tunes, sung by a varied genre of vocalists. With seven tracks in the album, it is nothing less than a feast to an ARR fan.

1. Puthiya Manidha: This is the first track in the album, and sets the premise for the rest of the album and the movie as well. It starts off with synthesized vocals, followed by ARR, then his daughter Khatija’s first performance. She has soothing vocals, would be listening more of her soon, and would like to. ARR’s portion is like a ‘boot sequence’ framed into a song 🙂 Then comes the main course of the song with SPB rendering some characteristic magic of his, making this track the ideal introductory track.

2. Kaadhal Anukkal: An eloquent track. Starts with superb acoustic guitar and mouth organ. Then Vijay Prakash joins in with a weird tone, and then mellows down to his normalcy, complemented by awesome beats. The best part of the song starts when Shreya Goshal joins in, and both then carry the song in a superb manner, singing some mushy Vairamuthu lyrics.

3. Irumbile Oru Idhayam: A high techno and gizmo(!) kind of a track. Has a space travel effect to it! ARR has done the vocals along with some enticing vocals of Kash’n’Krissy. Although the beats make you go foot tapping, ARR’s portion is my favorite in the track… Reminds me of Maramkothiye from Anbe Aaruyire 😉

4. Chitti Dance Showcase: A medley of different music genres. Not a full fledged track though. A peppy party number…

5.Arima Arima: An epic song! It is of the likes of Kappal eri poyache from Indian. Hariharan, along with the additional male vocalists make it a song which is as if chronicling a legend. Sadhana Sargam does some mellowing to this powerful track.

6. Kilimanjaro: The magical number of the album. This is the track you’ll start liking from the very instant you start listening to it, and it would certainly keep ringing in your head. Javed Ali and Chinmayi are excellent with their playful vocal variations in this track. It also has a lot of tribal chorus and beats, making it all the more special.

7. Boom boom robo da: I was expecting Yogi B to sing for ARR soon. And here he comes with a racy track with great beats to it. The female vocalist Shwetha gives it another different mood to it, making it all the more likable 🙂

Altoghther, here’s an album from A R Rahman which will go on to become one of his best and best selling:) This will be on my playlist for months now 😉
Enjoy Enthiran 🙂

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5 Responses to Enjoy Enthiran :D

  1. jkt says:

    ada da da daaa… super ra..,kavidha kavidha..no one can review this any better…

  2. jkt says:

    i bought the cd just half an hour after the stock came yesterday n all copies got sold out in next few mins… that's our thalaivar's craze….

  3. Wow… Namma thalaivargal 😉

  4. hmmm… did not like songs, might be it is not of my taste!

  5. You'll like it subsequently…

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