The Desperate Weekend Syndrome

By Friday evening, the most recurring status messages I find on all the social networking sites is about the ‘respite from a week of work’, welcoming the weekend in a – euphemistically put expectant, or bluntly desperate manner.

This is a syndrome emanating from the work and work culture endorsed by the individuals as enforced by the system.

Let us analyze what is happening in today’s “Corporate” world:
*(All these comments are generic,and there could be exceptions. I am addressing only the majority)

Firstly, in ideal scenarios desperate respite from work is actually unnecessary. We are supposed to be exercising our skills at work,and that actually isn’t supposed to be anywhere close to be burdening ‘work’. On the contrary, it should be enjoyable.
So, what is the problem?
People aren’t actually exercising their natural, and/or acquired talents and skills at work.People are molded rigidly into stereotype laborers as required for a Company, in the Company’s interest. In most cases against the individual’s,of course. There is nothing much to be done about this ‘clash of interests’ in the current Capitalistic system ,for, it is designed to be so.

Secondly, why do people volunteer to get molded into this ‘rigid human products’, to be used as a resource for any company?
To win the rat race,i.e., to compete and cope with the pressure mounted on them by the system of today’s (missing adjective!) society.

To analyze this, we need to go deeper, and look at the causes and consequences.
Catching the consequence is easy: A devotional reverence given to IT and related jobs, starting from the homes of the ‘just-okay-fairing’ families, and also the impeccably mediocre education system, coupled with naturally accumulated peer pressure.

The cause- One unanimous motive: Study and earn money.
Kids are provided with education with slowly, but strongly infused idea of ‘grow up and earn money’, giving no heed, whatsoever, to grooming the skills and talents seen in them.

So, who’s helping them to get to this?
The education system,(keeping in mind the huge number of ‘Engineering’ institutions across the country) it preaches them that getting a job in a haven called the IT sector, irrespective of what stream of engineering you are in is the prime objective of educating yourself.
Huff ! Thats more than enough to doubly brain-wash the bubbling minds to such an extent that, most of us see working for someone else, in something you won’t enjoy as the best thing in the world!

Thirdly, try appreciating the paradox of work:
Most of us are – Thinking expectantly of the forthcoming weekend from the mid of the week, whilst having just recovered the first two days of the week at work from the hangover of the weekend.
So, where is the massive productivity the industry is boasting of?
Oh, yeah. It’s there. But, just look at the quality. Even if there is some little quality attributable to it, look at what price?
By draining out the quality of the lives of all the employees, eventually an entire society!

I know it is already late to blame what has happened. But, how and when did it all get so clumsily complicated?
It happened when all of us were blind, as we are today, towards a peril growing like a monster right in front of us. And, it is like The Earth (not fair to compare to the Earth, but the simile works):

Like we cannot feel ourselves rotating on the Earth, while it rotates,given it’s massiveness and our minuscule nature;
We haven’t been able to observe the rapid pace at which the system around has drained out the very essence of ‘living’,
from the proud diaspora of the IT and related industry, while we were busy living fast, impulsive and unbalanced lives.

There is no climax-like epilogue, or a hint of solution for this post, as I touch upon in most posts of my posts, for,
I leave it to you and your mind to churn something proactive this time out.

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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