Questions that haunt!

Is this right?!
Is this what I am supposed to be doing?
Am i headed in the right direction?
Is this the person, or ?
Have i gotten complacent?
What if I had done that, and not this, or not both, but something else?

These, and more such questions are the ones which keep hitting us at regular intervals of time. This happens most of the time as repercussions emanating from the uncertainties of decisions which each of us would have made in the past, and try to blame those for the present, while speculating about the future.

These are normal occurrences with each of us. But, to dwell on these uncertainties, without overcoming them is the worst thing to do with oneself. The solution to this would be either to set the things right in the present – right now, or to make another decision now, which will put the course of activities in future in the right direction.

Both of these actions, firstly, require each of us to clearly interpret ourselves in a correlative manner to the circumstances we are in.Without this, there cannot be a solution out of dilemma of this kind. Just cribbing about it, or talking about the change or betterment will do no good, but will further add to the cause of deterioration.

And again, the occurrence of these question isn’t negative by itself. On the contrary,these introspective phases act as checks to the mistakes we might have made. We can either reduce the damage caused by them, or go on to accumulate more of the burden.

Being honest with ourselves, without giving too much reverence to the circumstances conditioning us, would do a lot good in tackling these checkpoint-like introspective questions.

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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4 Responses to Questions that haunt!

  1. We see people blaming others for their misfortune; attributing the decisions they made, to the influence of those around. If someone's not happy with his present situation, as you rightly said, he alone has to make amends. It's one's own burden and he has to face it. There is no point in wasting time cribbing about one's adversity. Nobody, including the ones influencing decision, can help us in anyway (Of course, if you are doing well taking someone's words, he may gloat forever 😉 )It's your own battle at the end…

  2. Right sri. And I'm not trying to blame others, but personally, the few decisions which I've made with influences of others seem to have inherently gone bad, for, I had walked away from what 'I' wanted. That experience maybe, has put me now in a better and more convinced position to decline the advices and influences from others 🙂

  3. I know you would never blame others for things gone bad. The comment was not directed at you 🙂 Just an addendum to how people behave during bad times. 🙂

  4. "I know you would never blame others for things gone bad"Thanks for that,sri 🙂

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