Caution: The Lucid lynx-Change is here

Ubuntu 10.04 or Project Lucid lynx is out,and as I have already been updating on my ‘social broadcast accounts’ via Gwibber, it has undergone a metamorphosis-both technically and I’m afraid even philosophically!

Let me first jot down the glaring apprehensions about this metamorphosis:

  • Canonical had been negotiating a deal of using Yahoo as the default search engine, instead of Mozilla Firefox in Ubuntu. Although, it has now released Lucid lynx with Firefox, in future releases it might well switch to Yahoo. This, in the Free Software community we realize to be a set-back, given the snow-balling popularity of Ubuntu. 
  • The Release Candidate which i was testing is diverging from the open-standards struggle, by more inclined support and encouragement to proprietary media standards. Ubuntu with it’s growing foothold could well be the mediator to enforce open media standards in a gradual manner. Here again, we are going reverse ways. 
  • Previously default bundled tools like GIMP,are not available in the RC 10.04(will update this statement if it is bundled in the final candidate).Although, these can be added later by ‘apt-get’ing them. 

These are the few important points, we as Free Software activists need to be aware of.

At the end of the day, I am still talking about a Uber Cool, Smart and Fast Operating system, which easily beats all its counterparts in the proprietary domain, which is also Free ( here in the context of price:)
I’m still a big fan of Ubuntu, and here’s a list of go-go’s in the latest avatar of Ubuntu:

  • Faster than previous releases. 
  • Love the default theme, and aesthetics ( pre-loaded wallpapers are some of the best pictures you would have seen)
  • Comprehensive Ubuntu Software Center, cataloging all the tools in a comprehensive manner
  • Newer tools like Gwibber(Social Broadcast messenger),Empathy ( The IM client) and more
  • Ubuntu One account to float your data online (A step towards reaching out to ‘the  cloud’)
  • The ususal sleek 3-D desktop effects, which have gotten better #compiz
  • 3.2, quicker and better [Had forgotten about the Sun take-over,Oracle splashes on the startup screen :(]
  • There is more concerned approach towards Universal Accessiblity issues and Localization. Ubuntu Software center has good projects in this regard. 
  • Also, after Hardy Heron (Ubuntu 8.04), we have the Long Term Stable release or the LTS with Lucid Lynx with support for three years. 

And, loads of other things to keep you stuck with the lynx.

I’ve been using Ubuntu since almost three years now, and I’m yet to feel complacent about it.

Lucid lynx is better, wrong at places, but never to be ignored 🙂

Happy Birthday Lucid lynx 🙂

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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