Inherent inadequacy of words

Sometimes, when I have an idea,or a thought, or some ‘neural noise’ which I need to dissipate out, words flow out easily conveying the same to the rest of you. Although, in a less effective manner than the authentic source. There are also times, when I might have to force the words out to imply even the quite obvious.

This, I believe is a result of two things: One being my own mental state i.e., the synchronism between the various sectors of my gray matter. Second, about which this post is about-the inherent inadequacy of words, in expressing the quintessential in an effectively wholesome manner. This inadequacy is manifested at various levels in different individuals, not dependent only on the diversity of their vocabulary, but also on the extent of interlinking between their ‘neural sparks’ (thoughts) and ‘archived neural blocks'(words embedded in memory).

Now, if you are thinking of raising the point of ‘Creativity’in this forum -Yes, it does play an important role.

Expressing intricately obscure neural sparks is facilitated by Creativity either by providing a different frame of reference in articulation (metaphors, similes and the other kinds of exaggerations), or by gifting people with other ‘flowing’ skills in the form of art and music.

The extent of inherent constraints in art and music is lesser than that of literature; One reason being that they can be uncontrolled, and can reach a ‘sublime’ chaos, which is tougher to accomplish in literature.

But again, the power of Literature lies in it’s residual levels of abstraction when compared to Art or Music, which in their sense can be as abstract as the Universe itself!

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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