Capitalism: A Love Story

“Capitalism: A Love Story” is Michael Moore’s documentary dissecting the 2008 US economy meltdown, which had adverse affects worldwide. In this documentary he rightly attributes this collapse to the failure of Capitalism.

While watching this documentary few of my own questions were answered, and also gave rise to many more important questions.

At a personal level, I happened to approach the idea of “Free Market, Free Enterprise” from the views of Ayn Rand – The one influential philosopher of Individualism. Although, I used to endorse her portrayal of the system, I have begun to realize that ‘it isn’t as it was supposed to be’.

Growing disparity in any society can never do good to the society. Like in today’s scenario, India is polarizing in an accelerated manner. I still might have not understood the economic or the political systems comprehensively to criticize it authoritatively, but I can very well see the flashing mistakes being made.

I, at a personal level am in quest for an answer to this flawed system which is impaired and ineffective.

Michael Moore ends the documentary suggesting a people’s rebellion against the
demon of disparity and exploitation.
Again, I am still unsure of its effectiveness.

I do not want to conclude the post with my opinion, while it is still in the making. But, a line from the documentary could end it well.

This is capitalism. A system of taking and giving…mostly taking!

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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