The Vent!

Is it that hard to say what you think, and, to do what you say!
I have grown tired of such anomalous behavior.

I do agree that, sometimes, my expectations from people is slightly towards being idealistic, nevertheless, it ain’t Utopian or unattainable! It is plainly appropriate.

I had vowed before a few months that I wouldn’t waste my efforts in trying to change people. Now, after witnessing the vicissitudes mostly centered around me, I’m afraid it would culminate into a state where, I’d stop expecting ‘anything’ from people.

‘Living a Life’ is about doing things ‘one’ really wants to do. The worst thing to do in one’s life is- To do what others would have wanted you to!

This,contrarily is against the logic of the code programmed into us, rather, it is a bit-flipped execution of the same!
(And,don’t bother about little of the coding jargon I’ve used. I thought, if i’m not using them technically,I’d use them here;)

Coming back to ‘the’ point, I have only two two-worded phrases to say:
Either Grow UP or Shut UP!

PS: Don’t take it personally, if anyone of you have realized that I was precisely targeting at you:)

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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2 Responses to The Vent!

  1. You'll find a lot of such characters. I wished I could say 'Shut UP', but, by default I'll just be polite; of course with great difficulty!

  2. Antidote i'm trying to use: Ignore their existence

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