Are we heading towards the end?

Last year, the dogma of apocalypse in 2012, which is supposed to undo life on earth had grabbed the attention of everyone, including that of small kids; Very much helped by the wildly imagined movie by the same name ‘2012’. While this dogma was catching up people, most believers were of the notion that it would be like the movie, wherein exactly on a specific date the catastrophe would unfold.

On the other hand, the skeptics, including myself were busy dispelling this dogma. I still disapprove of any such ‘sudden catastrophe culminating into THE END’.

A closer analysis of the climate trend and widespread natural calamities is disturbing. Massive earthquakes in Haiti, Taiwan, now Tibet and China; Last year’s stormy rains in drought-ridden regions of Karnataka;The soaring temperatures (India is 7-8 °C above the usual temperature); Yesterday’s tornado in India has already taken 120 lives;

Now, these symptoms are the gradual convergence of the disasters in store for us. Any number of futile summits of politicians will do no good to the betterment of the environment, unless we people take proactive initiatives to at least stop further deterioration of Mother Nature. 

You don’t need a prediction of a particular date substantiated by a prophecy to see where we are heading towards. The current natural cataclysms are clear symptoms of the destination we are heading towards. 

Take up initiatives and bear the responsibility… Here’s one such important move we can all be engaged in…

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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