My arguments against Violence

Of late, if there is one thing that we humans have made perilously ubiquitous and perpetuating, it would be violence against each other!

Wars, terror attacks, murders, crime and all the negativities are now at a high rise.

The recent Naxal attacks,killings by maoists, the terror attacks in Pune,and at a personal level the kidnapping and killing of my physician! It is atrocious, and no matter who gives whatsoever reason-Violence can never be justified as a means to accomplishing anything even remotely positive.

I am deeply anguished, like the many of you, by the growing terrorist activities,including those of the Naxals and Maoists in India . I still haven’t been able to comprehend the real purpose of these attacks. If it is only for the sake of creating havoc, then these miscreants aren’t fit to be called as humans. All these killings, when analyzed even from their point of view would be never be convincing.

I have openly expressed my admiration towards Che and Hitler in numerous posts and conversations. But, never will I approve the methods of violence which they individually practiced in the form of  guerrilla warfare and anti-semitism, respectively. Violence against fellow humans for the sake of accomplishing something ‘supposedly noble’ is never worth it! This actually weakens their entire ideology, but, nevertheless there’s much more to learn from them excluding violence.

Aggression is supposed to be a natural but subdued instinct of us, but these days we seem to trying to quench this libido for the worse of the world!

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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2 Responses to My arguments against Violence

  1. $@ndhy@ says:

    "If it is only for the sake of creating havoc, then these miscreants aren't fit to be called as humans"..Only human beings are capable of such dastardly acts.Animals kill for prey or in self defense. human beings kill for pleasure, profit etc.

  2. Right ma'm… It is a paradox indeed…

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