de l’amour à faire l’amour

The post title is in French,presuming that I’m picking up the words quick it would translate to “From Love to Making love”. This post is only about all the amorous love in the world.

I’ve always felt the words “I love you” being highly inappropriate, or at least misleading. I really haven’t been able to interpret this phrase, both the context and premise of its use. It is more of a euphemism to all the natural/basic instincts within us and the dependencies we seek to satisfy from others.

The term love in today’s world is a fusion of “need and commitment”.  When i say that I love a person or someone else says it to me- it implies that each would be committed to the needs of the other. Replace all the uses of “I love you” by 
“I need you, so I need a commitment from you”. It would fit in exactly, except that the flavor of hypocrisy would be lost. 

If there are a lot many of you who do not agree with me, it is because you do not want to. Just introspect and analyze, it all comes down to a dependency of need and commitment. When i say ‘needs’, making love would be one major aspect, but there are other essential needs as well, which I leave it to you people to ponder over. 

Going one step further the institution of marriage is an agreement or a Memorandum of Understanding for this dependency to be secure. 

Anyways, on this Valentine’s Day lets hope there’ll be love, lots of love which helps people fulfill their needs with voluntary commitment. 

Disclaimer: These views of mine are personal, and I am not trying it impose it on you, except that I wanted to give some food for your thought 😉
Further, let me make it clear that I am not affiliated to any sene or sena. Ironically, even if I were affiliated to them they could have never instigated me to write a post which is well above their soft-headed abilities….

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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4 Responses to de l’amour à faire l’amour

  1. Lakshmi says:

    Raghu, not all do that. There r people who live just in wait of that love. A little feeling of specialness is felt only one is in love. I hope u agree to it. That feeling of specialness comes only when there is love… Love is not only for the life partners but it is beyond that… I would like recommend ma today's blog to u… please go tru…

  2. I totally agree to wat u say… It reflects the world of today n how this delicate feeling is percieved..!! Good one.. ^_^

  3. Sharanya says:

    Simplification at its best, is all i can say about your article. You managed to convincingly key in the bitter realities of the scenario of love in the real world and also groove the thoughts of the readers into the actual sweetness of love.KUDOS!!!

  4. @ smiley: I read your post too. On the basis of the same arguments posted here, I still can't comply to everything what yo say . You are talking of the front-end, and I am about the back-end mechanism of the same intricacy….@anirban & sharanya: Thank you:)

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