Are we really a knowledge society?

This is one of the questions we at FSMK are trying to ask ourselves and throw the same at others. This question is of prime importance in today’s scenario of socio-economic disparity. Genuine answers with pragmatic solutions have to be discussed and implemented to bring equality in the society.

When we talk about breaking the Digital divide prevalent in the society, it forms a subset of a bigger problem, i.e.,of Knowledge divide. In today’s world the process of gaining knowledge by education is undergoing a perilous metamorphosis to become a precious commodity accessible only to a minor section of circumstantially favored people.

Most of the talks about reforms in education are being done in a manner irrelevant to the ground reality,ignoring the majority of the people who need it the most. The problem here is more ghastly and widespread.

When there is a major chunk of the population starving without adequate food and struggling to survive, there is no question of providing them with education in such circumstances.
Education does provide empowerment to individuals. But, the process of gaining that education is again an affair which can be pursued only if the daily basic needs of people are met. Unless these – the basic necessities of people are not met, there is no hope of seeing an equal society with the concept of Knowledge Commons.

These points were yet again debated and discussed in the FSMK meeting today. Propagating Swatantra software forms a small but important means to accomplishing a bigger task.

The ultimate goal is to make knowledge accessible to everyone for self empowerment.

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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