Not resolutions,but convictions….

Three days into 2010, and this is my first post. In this post,I take a sneak peek into numerous important personal traits of mine, which have evolved since some time now.

As the title says, these are not resolutions ( I have rarely made a resolution, even if i have,never been able to abide by them). These are my personal convictions which have percolated deep into me,specifically in the last couple of years.

*God,Faith and Religion: After a long period of argument with myself and the beliefs which were imposed on me,I am convinced of the non-existence of any supreme being or any supreme power, namely God, and that religion is the best deceptive tool devised by man for exploiting the world. As a consequence, the question of me being a religious person can be discarded. I believe only in the power within thy self. And my life will be a continuous effort of bettering myself.

*Sense of true independence:  I have now pragmatically realized that being dependent on anyone or anything puts us in a vulnerable position. And being independent is a substantially tough feat too in today’s world. Nevertheless, I have slowly tried and freed myself from the clutches of many superficial dependencies. This has made a huge positive impact on me,as the number of factors limiting my potential opportunities have reduced drastically. Consequently, this freedom increases my functionality in various domains of my life.

*People never change,don’t waste efforts on it: This might sound antagonizing, but, this conclusion is a direct consequence of few strong and convincing personal experiences. Change must be voluntary and cannot be imposed, and,only in a very few cases it can be instigated.

*Ayn Rand works: I have been a great admirer of Ayn Rand and her works. I have been experimenting with her philosophy on my own life, and the results have been  stupendous. Although, my sensibility allows me to follow her in a mildly reserve mode, I am confident of the positive impact it has and will continue to have on me.

All these aspects are now an integral part of me, and I shall elaborate them further when need be. For now, I have clear ideas which will help me steer through the crowd making my mark.

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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