Stratum 3: Why the frivolous stratification?

God,Gender,nationality,religion,wealth,social status,caste,creed,language,complexion,ancestry,food habits,and a million other excuses to divide ourselves!

Personally,I believe if there has to be a reasonable basis to divide ourselves into groups,then the only factor is our intellect-The Wise and The Foolish. 

Now,how could anyone be classified based on their intellect?Isn’t it a very relative term?

A first level litmus test devised by me to declare someone a fool,would be their endorsement of the divisions based on any/many of  the frivolous factors as mentioned initially. According to me,people who see themselves superior or inferior when compared to others,because of being augmented to any of the cults under discussion,lose out their chance of a dignified humane life.

Discussing about the motive behind the stratification,it is mainly to seek advantage over fellow beings using unreasonable factors,instead of getting a niche by personal growth. It is our natural tendency To Divide and Rule. The instigators of such sectors,utilize this vulnerability of ours,to manipulate and have us under their control.

This is why I call it foolishness. Instead of leading an independent life filled with reason and purpose,trying to tread a path of love and accomplishment,we easily are bamboozled,and tend to digress our efforts into such gullibilities.

Stay wise, be united.

(This is the third post of the series-The Question is Why?11,November,2009)

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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1 Response to Stratum 3: Why the frivolous stratification?

  1. anupama says:

    If each of us truly listened to ourselves and set our own goals to realize, we would be least bothered about worthless issues like caste, creed etc. I feel that the eagerness to be accepted and fear of being shunned makes us endorse these issues blindly

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