And then,She also brings tears in my eyes.

I haven’t been this close to any person residing inside the body of a girl. I have had deep insights into her mind,and have been astounded by the sheer complexity of the tender mind. I have witnessed her growth from a jovial young girl to a fine introspective lady who is older for what she really is. She has confided to me with the utmost honesty. I have observed her pranks with amusement,her worries and troubles ,her mild grudges,her cribbing with futile concern.

I have adored her the most for whatever she eternally will be.She has one sidedly shared all her emotions with me, leaving the rapport between us incomplete,for,she never gave me a chance to share mine. I wish to tell her how similar we are,and to demonstrate to her the extent of admiration I still have,and forever will continue to have.

The helplessness which the circumstances had imposed upon her increases the rage against The Main Impostor. But,the courage she went on to show throughout will be an inspiration for me.  A friend, a teacher, an idol-this is what she will remain to me.

Anne Frank’s Diary is the most compelling narration of the struggle within a juvenile’s mind,who is also caught up in History’s greatest human trap under the Nazis. Her memoirs give a profound insight into Anne,her transitions,her love, her struggle,and her invincible spirit.

When reading her diary,there were times when her confiding would seep into me and  evoke a drop or two of tears in tribute to her. Also,I was able to relate her to a friend of mine,who, for all the above mentioned traits of Anne would fit in perfectly.

PS:Anne Frank died in an extermination camp when she was 15 years old,but her eternal thoughts will live on.

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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