Mother Earth’s rightful Fury….

There can be prophecies and,there  can be super natural premonitions about The Ultimate End…But,the fact is that-We have crossed the threshold in consuming the natural assets allocated to us long before our time…And we are having to pay up for the reckless and unscrupulous consumption…

Earth quakes,floods,rains,droughts and newer biological threats-these are the rightful extortion techniques Mother Earth has employed…

Take for instance,the northern regions of Karnataka;Most dry regions of the state,which usually are in drought are being flooded with around 150-200 mm of rainfall within a span of 24 hours… When Mother Nature unleashes herself in such a form,little can we the minuscule creatures do….

As it is clear that we cannot undo the unscrupulous consumption,the only thing is to atleast do efficient repair work by firstly mellowing down…And as previously told on my post for World Environment Day[Save the planet …. Kill Yourself !!!-Friday, June 5, 2009 ],change our lifestyle…Else,this havoc will heal Mother Earth by eradicating its Cancer-us….

(Observe the picture-a representation of our present and the near future !)

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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2 Responses to Mother Earth’s rightful Fury….

  1. srilakshmidj says:

    Scene: Flood relief activitiesDad gets a call to help the Indian Air Force on 2nd Oct. It's 10 pm, I offer to go along. Dad needs more assistance. So he calls his senior officer. He says he's drunk and can't help!!! (You are useless at your job in administration department. I got an alternative career plan for you, go graze donkeys)With limited resources they managed to do a good job. We return home at 3 am.Next day dad asks a subordinate to stay back late night. The uxorious fellow says his wife has asked him to get back home by 6 in the evening; they got to attend a wedding reception. And he promptly leaves at 4!! (why not become a 'house-husband'??)The armed forces provided every possible aid, as they always do. When they need help from the civil services, it's really sad that the administration shirks.The apathy of the administration is baffling. The few who worked for relief hardly slept in days. The others always slept.I wished water flooded the houses of the apathetic officers 'neck-deep' and they were stranded without food, sanitation,sleep …for days and were afflicted by the diseases the flood-hit people fear…(I know, I couldn't have got more evil.. but…)A captain who had broken his leg (while playing basket ball) told me that the medical facilities provided by the govt were abysmal. He had to take a transfer to private hospital. Someone who would not think before laying down his life to save you, deserves better.Recently, an Air Force personnel was telling my dad that his baggage was stolen by a civilian driver assisting them…How sick can it get!

  2. @sri: These are the regular instances where the extent of our social responsibility is shown,and as you've righlty called it is most of the times 'genuine apathy'. Most people respond to emergencies only if it involves themselves or their dependent ones. This is for some reason more prevelant in India,when it comes to 'service'to your peers in need. Lack of the moral grounding is the reason,which again I can't comprehend as to why it is so? When we are supposedly the most social amongst the world societies.

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