The Lost Symbol: My views

The Lost Symbol,is now what could be called “A characteristic Robert Langdon type of a novel”…. The cryptic symbols,the thrilling deciphering,entangled with ground breaking scientific ramifications,and a race against time in the dark accompanied by the impeccable Robert Langdon ….

My amazement at the abundant research which has gone into Dan Brown’s previous works had prompted me to become his fan.And,I haven’t been disappointed with The Lost Symbol….Although,I am sure I would have enjoyed it in a more profound way if I were a U.S national…(People who’ve read it will agree with me)

And about the thrill and suspense factor,I guess after reading Dan Brown four times I was intuitively able to predict variuos twists,which will be much more thrilling to the newbes… Although,I was hit hard with one of the twists which i hadn’t expected…That was sufficient to quench my instincts in this regard…

The read,for its own reasons is actually quicker than the non-Dan Brown ones.But,you do feel let down at places,and immediately there’s something much better which again propels you into the hot seat….

The best part for me was the convergence of the entire plot into an idea I have nourished from adolescence,and now that it was crystalizing into a belief,The Lost Symbol has got into a proper shape….Thanks to Mr.Brown…

Highlight of the book obvioulsy for me was Noetic Science,which I was unaware of,and i shall have my senses kept open to absorb more of it….

And,not to forget, Compliments to Mr.Dan Brown for his work… Expecting more of you Mr.Brown…

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A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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