Rendezvous with a dreamer,on his way to acheivement

(The pic is only a depiction of the post,and is not related to it…)

Son of a farmer from a corner of Karnataka,he arrived in Bangalore with huge dreams of composing music,writing songs and singing in the glossy arena of Cinema,but now, he runs a Photocpying centre here in Bangalore….He had been let down by the people he went seeking support from.

But,he hasn’t let his passion die down. He is now making his first full fledged,Kannada music album-which is at the verge of completion. He’s an ardent and pious Kannada fanatic….But,unlike the other fanatics of the same genre,he’s not chauvinistic.While interacting with him,I could feel the pride which made his face glow,and also which serves his life a purpose.

Most recent regional songs in India have been lacking sensibility in the lyrics,this has been a personal complaint. But,this ‘believer’, played me one of the songs of his album-the studio version,and showed me lyrics of the other songs. They were far too better than the songs I’ve heard recently in the regional domain.

When asked why he was doing it,he says it has been his dream and passion for years,and now with tremendous effort,crossing innumerable hurdles he has come up with this album.The album is slated to release for Kannada Rajyotsava.Although he is still working out the plan,and figuring out how to sell it to an appropriate Music company.

People like-Kumar Durga Prasad,the one we’ve been talking about are a source of inspiration.We need to look up to people like him,for he,given his circumstances still followed his dream and almost has pursued it.For him to accomplish and be successful in it,we need to be with him showing our support…

Wishing him success for his album “Jai Karnataka Maathe”,and those of you who feel that you can make this story have a Happy Ending reach me.

I will keep you updated about him….

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