Beauty beholds in the eyes of the admirer..But why???

The caption is a dear and well known cliché… But,I was wondering why is it so? As I have seen personally,the range of admiration for ‘beauty’ in various forms spreads on a wide scale.

An entity,be it a person, or an artifact, or anything else,appeals to our senses only when we are able to recognise a part of ourselves in them,or only if we see something in it we have been craving for.

I, wholeheartedly admire the three natural gifts bestowed on this earth-the flora,the fauna and the femina. This,I feel is pretty normal,or should I say natural. I partially recognise myself with them,and also find in them the things I as an aesthetic soul craves for….Consequently,I look for,and find beauty in them….

One other instance is literature… The most beautiful things I have read until now have been the ones which I would have wanted to write myself,or something which I can relate to myself….

It is actually an irony:The most beautiful things to us are the ones we are a part of,and/or the things we crave for…. But,recognising and enjoying beauty in any form gives us an unparalleled sensation…Thanks to all the intimate complications of our mind coupled with the power of nature which immerses us into this sweet sensation….

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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1 Response to Beauty beholds in the eyes of the admirer..But why???

  1. SUGANYA says:

    yeah i do agree with you….!!!The real beauty is always invisible to the eyes…or i would like to say " the essentials is always invisible to the eyes".most of them admires nature but,a persons admiration is unique when he finds a unique beauty in anything." Beauty beholds in the eyes of the admirer" these words brings many differences among us…for eg: most of them admire freshly bloomed flower..but,very few finds the hidden beauty in dried flowers.yeah… "the femina" beautiful creation of the GOD..everyone admires…!!! not all women can be beautiful (physically), but all can be charming… to find the charm in their eyes is a skill….!!!so the hidden beauty can be found only by the "skilled eyes"(the admirer)…!!!!so rightly said: "Beauty beholds in the eyes of the admirer"

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