My farewell speech on behalf of my class

A river of vivid emotions and torrential memories,these being held back only by the dam called lack of words. I’m here to share this mixed emotion we are going through and to unload the heavy weight of the memories from ECE 09 batch.

We at he department of ECE are in a dilemma, because the best part of our Dept-Bandopadhay Sir is unwell. We know he will recover soon.

There have been accusations on our class saying that we haven’t shown unity for any single cause. Yes, i do agree, but only until now. Here we are- united, showing our love, respect and affection towards Bandopadhay Sir. We love you sir for every beautiful thing you’ve done to us. You have been an entity closest to both our hearts and minds. We will make you proud by excelling in whatever career we will take up, that’s our way of showing you our gratitude. Thank you sir…..

ECE 09 ,BMSIT- this is the tag we bear proudly now and will bear it even in future. For all the opportunities given to us, in all streams of life-the proactive learning environment and the stable platform for growing personally. We have been cocooned during these four most vulnerable years of our lives. The vulnerability being in our career path, our personal lives and personal growth. Not all of us have been lucky enough to have learnt the lessons without making mistakes. But these mistakes made now have cost us a nominal price only. If committed in future it would have cost us a great deal more,because we had the teachers and many friends to fall back and seek support.

Talking about our time spent here, I can tell you not all of us have completely understood the rules and regulations or the motive to which we were being conditioned to by VTU. Nevertheless, we have only one hurdle left, and this seems an antagonising one,for once we’ve crossed it, we will be leaving behind this institution with all of you. Its definitely a tough call, but we have groomed enough here at BMSIT to survive…. ok, i won’t call it survive but to flourish in the highly competitive society, where the demands from an individual have shot sky high. We believe that we can deliver every sensible thing expected of us and the products or results emanating from us will carry an impression of BMSIT.

When I say BMSIT, it includes the good infrastructure, the loving teachers, we the students and the quality symbiotic interactions between the three of us.

It has been a great race of four years with quite a few pit stops( hang outs and outings), few driver changes( break ups and patch ups), engine malfunctions(Phases of depression each of us has been through), retirements from the race(failures at certain tasks not necessarily in exams) and bouncing back. And when we bounce back, we’ve seen to it that we are at the top. Thanks to all the race stewards-our teachers starting from Bandopadhay sir, Ambika ma’m,Mala ma’m, another Ambika ma’m,Mamatha ma’m,Anil sir, Ramesh Babu sir,Rashmi ma’m, HamsaVani ma’m,Sowmya ma’m and all the teachers from all other departments as well… You have supported right from day 1 not only until now,but we hope this will continue even into our future,because we will always be your students. A heartfelt and sincere thanks genuinely on behalf of ECE 09 to all the teachers who have taught us.

I personally owe a lot to BMSIT, of which I’ll always be a proud member,for having given me opportunities which have transformed a timid,shy,good only at exams kind of a guy into an able event organiser and a sensible engineering student. The opportunities like conducting three quizzes- Test Your Common Science, The Opera of Grey Matter and recently The India Quiz. Also the opportunity of becoming a part of the student pico satellite team-STUDSAT, volunteer for FSMK, where BMSIT is playing a key role now, ISTE,Utsaha 08. It has been an amazing journey.

Penultimately, I would thank the management of BMSIT starting from the BMS Trust to our Honourable Chairman-Justice R Gururajan, our beloved Director Dr. A C Bhaskar Naidu and our dear Principal Dr. S .Venkatesvaran. I thank every other individual who is a part of this organisation.That was the penultimate thanksgiving.

I have saved the ultimate one on behalf of all of us at ECE 09 to you guys….The so called Juniors . We are going to miss you all big time…Thanks for all the support you’ve given and the admiration you’ve shown towards us. We wish you a bright future……

And thanks to all my friends from my class. We started off as classmates, today we mean different to each other and lets hope we interact life long and remain the same life long….

This was Raghavendra S also known as 1BY05EC030 funnelling the thoughts, emotions and feelings of all of us from ECE 09.

Thank you all……

Love you all….

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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2 Responses to My farewell speech on behalf of my class

  1. srilakshmi says:

    The speech was top-notch maverick. It was affable too. Wanted to ask you for a copy:). It’s here :)I can never forget the following teachers in my life:1. Ramachandran Sir, whose classes were extremely interactive.2.Lakshmi Ma’am. She brought a human touch to lifeless topics. She used to share her personal experiences-the sacrifices the family of a person working for defence department makes…3.NDN Sir. Initially I used to think what a terror he was. Later I realized that he was such a nice person.4.Praveen Sir. I think the extra classes he took to teach us Engg drawing exceeded allotted regular hrs!Coming to Bandopadhyay Sir, I would like to share this.The Indian Air Force’s Surya Kiran team was practising for the Air Force Day and I could not resist looking through the window at the skies. Sir was taking class and was smiling at this. He actually let us watch the performance:) :)He had noticed me staring at the aircraft many times. But never scolded. But I always listened to everything he said in class. He was a bundle of perennial energy and my source of inspiration.Once in the elevator he asked me what kind of music I listened to-rock,pop,jazz.., as if someone my age was conversing! What a person!

  2. Thanks for the comment about my speech…And talking about our basic science teachers, they were awesome….I should have spoken about them as well…And there’s a lot which each of us can recollect about Bandopadhay sir….He’s been an ideal person to look up our entire lives.,…

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