Honesty in toatlity could be lethal….

For quite sometime now,I’m having a bug creeping in my head….
I, for long have consciously ignored a particular thought process running in my head.Now, i tend to call it an ambiguous bug putting me in dilemma very often….
Whenever it surfaces up ,it creates a pleasant and vibrant spark in my mind,making me forget its impact on reality…Then, after mellowing a bit from this hallucination I think of the various pros and cons of bringing that into life and ultimately bury it back into the fully alive grave of my mind….
I do this for, if i bring it into total reality, I have a feeling many of the people i don’t wanna hurt will be hurt deeply….
So, let this potential bug survive until I get myself a fully functional ICD(Not an In Circuit Debugger,but ‘In my Conscience’ Debugger)………..

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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2 Responses to Honesty in toatlity could be lethal….

  1. srilakshmi says:

    There were some things perturbing my mind few days back. My debugger came in the form of a tv series- a comedy! It, almost instantly cleared the cobwebs setting things staight. There is no joy like living in the present with a pristine mind totally in my control.Look around. You could find your ICD in any direction. Until then make the best of the ‘pleasant and vibrant sparks’.

  2. Thx for the motivation ;)]Will try for the ICD….Donno in wat form it’ll be…. 🙂

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