Feeling detached from reality….

It has been a bit weird from a few days now….I feel as if i’m hovering over all things around me, not physically but my mind seems to be at a level where noone is…

I have a feeling as if i don’t belong to many of the places around here…I seem to be lost in my own world…There is lack of concentration in things i’m doing and lesser concern for others and I seem to be just drifting away from the reality…
Not many things seem important, except a few selfish possessions of mine…

Although it hasn’t been evident from my behavior, it may soon be noticeable…. But,I’m also trying to see if this is doing good to me or not…If yes, I’ll continue with this ,else will retract back….

As if for now, I’m liking this light sensation of hallucination, if you wanna call it so… 🙂

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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4 Responses to Feeling detached from reality….

  1. srilakshmi says:

    It’s just a passing phase. Everything has to come back to stable position.

  2. Thx…Hope its wat u say….

  3. vikku says:

    wat ever u hav written there is exactly the sam as wat i am feeling rite now …… !!!!

  4. Oh…I know its a kind of a weird feeling….Hope it isn’t disturbing u much…

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