The two ugly facets of humans i witnessed…..

Although i had been tolerating these people belonging to an antagonizing group of humans,they crossed the limits…..

You can counter ‘Logic and reason’ by a superior level of the same…. What is to be done if you are to counter an attack of futility instigated by purposeless use of power!!! I was rendered helpless, infuriated, desperate to retaliate…. I, after a long time was furious. I could feel the sudden and strong surge of hot blood to my head….Unable to stand in that situation…My teeth grinding against each other, making me really angry….There isn’t an efficient way to counter such people,who are unfortunately at a high position(definitely which they are not worth of)….

Another kind are the leeches or the parasites depicted in Ayn Rand’s works…The parasites who feed on your ideas…They seem to be in an illusion that my idea is it their right…They don’t even acknowledge that they are the flag bearers of Plagiarism….I had to show them their own color, although not in a pleasant manner….

I don’t understand how people of these two and many other ugly facets of humans stay with even themselves….I’d hate myself to the core,if i were belonging to any of those herds……

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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