God…Always a hot topic to debate about !!!!!

I can’t categorise myself as an atheist or a believer………I do believe in a fictitious supreme spirit which is necessary for my mind to remain motivated and to borrow strength from. I know it is just deriving energy from myself, but through an indirect belief…I, like many others feel it necessary…
Further,I don’t believe in idol worship. I’m a devotee of only a saint after whom i’ve been named…Although i participate in all rituals conducted at home, not because any of those makes sufficient sense…Its only for my mom’s sake…
I believe that we have made God as an answer to all our Obscurities….We attribute all unexplainable events to God…A common notion implied to God in all religions by us is to attribute our helplessness, our ignorance, our suffering, sometimes an undeserved success also to God…
I don’t believe that God is light and ignorance is dark…I believe that ignorance is a state of mind when we are close to God….Reason is the tool we have evolved to possess and drift away from ignorance or God…
If there were a God, he also would want us do the same…Follow the path of reason, even if his own recognition between us would diminish…

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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