If electricity is caused by electrons,then is Moral policing caused by morons?

I read this statement in a newspaper. I felt that the second half to be absolutely relevant to all the absurd and atrocious demonstrations of the so called ‘moral policing’.

I believe it is the immediate consequence of narrow mindedness and manifestation of absurd,ridiculous,stupid logic. The justifications given to these indecent acts of policing are paradoxic to what it ideally is to be.

On the first hand, we do not require police to monitor our morales and behavior,whereas ironically there is acute shortage of the actual police to inhibit these acts of idiocracy.Each and every incident like the Mangalore pub one,are the reminders of how crude our society thinks. I say that because not everyone is against these criminals. These self proclaimed policemen have support starting from the government to our fellow citizens.

Now when an evil without form such as this is creating havoc,what is that we can do except to complain!

The problem is the loophole in our administration,legislation and the security. For,the government has share holders in its majority from these sections,the laws passed intentionally are left flawed so that they are acquitted as it happened yesterday,there is no immediate action taken by the police.

We need to stand together for we can’t allow our freedom to be lost again,this time to ignorance and acts guided by blind arrogance and not by reason.

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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