When will we pay obituary to irresponsibility….

I feel infuriated,reckless,agitated,stirred from within. I witnessed the most horrifying sight in my life. An old woman was run over by a car,right in front of eyes… It was heart wrenching…It is so hard,i felt a jolt and grew numb. After years i started crying, on the road.
It wasn’t the mistake of the car driver,the old woman was trying to cross an expressway and had slipped and fallen on the road.But, the driver didn’t even stop and check what had happened,the driver slowed down,and after seeing the crowd flew away.
It wasn’t the woman’s fault either,as there is no provision to cross these roads. No subways,sky walks or zebra crossings monitored by a signal or traffic police.

These roads and systems are designed and implemented by morons with no foresight.You don’t require foresight,just a fraction of common sense and responsibility would have averted many incidents of this kind.

The worst part of all this for me is that, i had to be a silent spectator….This mishap happened within 2 seconds….I had a myriad of emotions,thoughts and then my mind got blank and i started to cry…

But, later i got angry thinking of cause for incidents like these…I pray that she survives….

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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