My day—- fatigue..stress…a bond movie and ended with loads of fun

I really don’t know as to why i’m put through days like these where nothing goes as it should…I’m exposed to a diaspora of events which trigger torrents of feelings and situations in a single day….
First of all,I’m fed up of trying to atone my actions…I hadn’t realised these things to turn out like this, but it is very frustrating…
Over this the fatigue,courtesy a viral fever and a persistent cold….
Combine these two and it is the perfect melancholy….As a consequence,I was not able to keep up my commitments,including my record submission and more importantly i could not meet two of my tribe members( check out the post “Small tribe of mavericks”).
Later in the evening, seeking some relief, me and my group reached a theatre to catch the latest Bond flick,as planned earlier….That i guess made me detach from my entire day’s hang over…The movie wasn’t a masterpiece of sorts,but it was able to keep my mind free from all the things left behind me…
Then,it was my friends’ turn to immerse me in a small sea of joy…We had good fun on our way back home…
Now, i’m into the next day,without taking a break…Hope today is not as demanding as yesterday…It is not fear or disinterest…It is just that too much is too bad and nowadays i have got a blessing of some sort i guess-i’m always getting more than what i aspire for…

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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