Peel off the mask !!!

When you succeed,usually it will be your contemporaries who do not want to see you succeed in your ambitions. You need have no fear of those who are older or younger than yourself,they know you will never be their rival… (Excerpt from a Jeffrey Archer book)
This may seem as if i’m accusing a few of you.But its just a fact which our conscious mind doesn’t want to endorse. Just think, there is one particular thing a human mind creates against its fellow beings which initially drives it to do better. But after few tries,the mind gives up its efforts,and tries to hamper the peer’s efforts. This is a subtle and slightly personal layer within you and me-jealousy. Feeling jealous is perfectly normal.
I know you may not be jealous of me, or probably you are. But, don’t say that you are not jealous of atleast one of your peers for atleast one or the other reason. This is a natural tendency,its cool up to a certain extent,beyond that,its bad for the both involved.
I’ve seen the people face extremes of actions and counteractions from people who are envious. Starting from pranks to manipulated scams to even much beyond these.

It is necessary to have a driving force within you,even if it is negative. But that negativity shouldn’t be trespassing the limits of humane ethics…

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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