Deteriorating political climate

Debates are getting narrower, opinions are attacked, facts fabricated and a framework to crush sensible ideas is getting ready, as if to embrace the peril that is at the horizon. These are symptoms of the ultra nationalism and pseudo patriotism that is swelling in India, with every growing day.

Definitive terms like secular, which is part of the preamble of Indian constitution, declaring the Indian state is being maligned to imply that it is an endorsement of a dynastic, neo-liberal political party – Indian National Congress(INC), to garner opposition by the Hindutva chauvinist political fraternity of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

It is unfortunate that the most visible choices as the majority of the population in India see is to choose between these two Right-wing extremist parties. While the INC is not religious fundamentalist in ideology, of course it capitalises on the religious sentiments, plus the strong neo-liberal strategies that has in the last two ruling terms staggered inclusive growth in India. Indices like the GDP, or annual growth of averaging 8% might seem laudable, the inherent problem of disparity has only been aggravated. In aligning with corporate interests, over the pressing need to alleviate its population’s inflation and basic needs, clearly a an extremist party it is.

The opposition party, and the party that now is in a self-made trend of rising to power in the general elections – BJP is all that INC is, with added sourness of Hindutva fundamentalism. With factions like the RSS, VHP, Bajrang Dal pompously dismissing free speech, and trampling opinions at all strata – from Twitter bashing to Facebook mauling, censoring books to ransacking art shows, to recently throwing tomatoes and harrassing couples on Valentine’s day, their arsenal is full and intent is dangerously clear. With only the promise of model like that of Gujarat and an exorbitantly expensive statue of Sardar Patel, there has been all but highfalutin imbecile agenda for making India into a super-power.

The most disturbing aspect of this crisis to me, is the resonance of a many supporters of BJP, who are template-trolls, custom designed and trained to tackle the opposition that they are faced with. Contorting of facts, figures and History has never been so rampant in India. This is certainly a fascist tendency – must be curbed before we make Orwellian prophecy true again: He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past”.

As a short respite to the confused middle-class, NGO activists a model of uncooked anarchy and reactionary revolution in the form of Aam Aadmi Party did take shape. And by AAP’s own behaviour are getting discredited – the protestors are protesting even after coming to power.

People, who assume to know me, conclude that my proposed solution is to vote and bring Left parties to power – No. For that is not their intent, and it is not pragmatic, as yet.

The lethargy of six decades has gotten into the social fabric. All we need is a purge and reboot.

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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