Five years of blogging :)

Bloggers careful!!

“Yup…The wait is over… I’ve always had this brainstorming happening often and i never used to share it with another soul..Now brace yourself, because you are going  to face it all…I can now unleash myself onto you people… “

This was my first post on my blog, way back in September, 2008! It looks amateurish and embarassingly naïve.

Although it’s been full five years, it looks like as if I decided to start blogging before a few months. One conscious incentive that I proposed to myself was to project the blog as a metric to capture the growth I would be making as a person.

You could try reading one of my olders posts, and a recent one, you’ll know what I am talking about.

To be able to capture a slow transformation, in few hundreds of words, every post, over these many posts and now to be able to brag about the fossil-like quality of it it is just marvellous, I think. I am not talking of the quality or the lack of it in my blog, but it simply being the measure of something that is inherently hard to measure.

My persistent blogging has taken me to many-a-places – from the cubicles of one newspaper that I adore and respect (The Hindu), to now the latest student blogging opportunity for Chalmers. And more than these also a chance to be inside your heads.

For sometime, the last few months I was facing what I dub as the bloggers’ block (if you know what is a writer’s block). I hope to have gotten out of it and to fare better with more fluent and versatile writing. The block I am talking about necessarily is not about the number of posts, but the ease with which I can put down a sophisticated idea, and elucidate it to myself and the readers who do stumble upon my blog.

Travel is a teacher, and an inspiration. As you would have already observed with my recent posts – I will be writing more often, and as an explorer.

Finally, I don’t want to make this seem as if it is a feat of some sort – it ain’t. Nonetheless, in appreciation to the time you’ve spent on peeking into my mind through my words, I would still want to send out hugs to all of you.


And never will it be about this blog, or any blogger – it is always the idea that is important.

PS: Thanks Nitesh Jain for nudging me about the 5 years 😛 I would not have remembered it at all  😀

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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